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Level Design

Level design inspired by the book 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz.

The level takes place between two timelines, the present and a post-apocalyptic future, inside an upscale appartment building built in New York in 1880. As he explores the building, the player is transported between the two timelines, the environment transforming around him. Those transformations happen at pre-determined points in the level but are scripted to appear random.

The player, taking the role of one of the building's security agent, starts the game in a messy appartment on the 3rd floor looking for a missing tenant.

At different moments of the game, the player is in contact with another security agent using his walkie-talkie. This helps progress the story and guide the player's objectives.

The level was built around those two timelines, allowing the player to revisit locations he's already traversed in another timeline and giving him a new perspective on the location with new obstacles that transform the level.


The design of the level was a fun challenge, involving a lot of research, since I wanted to not only give a fun and scary experience to the player, but also to accurately represent what a floorplan from a 1880's appartment building should look like.

Level Design

Intensity Curve



Extérieur de l'immeuble

Intérieur de l'immeuble, présent

Intérieur de l'immeuble, futur

Vue extérieure, présent

Vue extérieur, futur

Atmosphère, futur

Atmosphère, futur, références d'autres jeux vidéos

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